A 다이어트 Renpho KR Cordless Calf Massager with a button on it.
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Cordless Calf Massager

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건강과 회복을 위한 Renpho KR 무선 종아리 마사지기와 전원 코드의 이미지.

This Cordless Calf Massager is perfect for traveling to comfort your tired feet. With its cordless design, you can charge it with a power bank and use it while you’re on the go. It helps soothe muscle soreness and promotes muscle recovery in the leg. Enjoy the benefits of this calf massager at home or the gym with its portable design.
  • Relaxes muscles 
  • Helps ease tightness
  • Promotes muscle activity
  • Adjustable leg wraps

Auto Shut-Off Function
The device automatically shuts off after 20 minutes for safety purposes.

Adjustable Calf Wrap
Features a Velcro strap to fit any leg size.

Adjustable Functions
Choose from 3 modes and 3 intensity levels according to your preference.

Great Travel Companion
This massager can be powered by a USB device with 5V/1A adapter. Provides efficiency with its cordless design.

Relaxing Massage Experience
Massages your legs and calves to bring comfort to your feet. Promotes faster muscle recovery after working out or running.

Built-in Controller
Offers a personalised massage experience through its wireless controller.


  • USB 5V/1A 


  • ABS & Cotton


  • Mode: 3
  • Intensity Level: 3 
  • Battery Life: 120 minutes total 
  • Auto timer: 20 minutues 


  • Calf Size: 12 in x 12 in x 1.9 in 
  • Weight: 394 g

Cordless Calf Massager
Storage Bag

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