Our Story

RENPHO was created from a simple idea, to give people affordable lifestyle products that would act to improve the health of users by being a simple add-on to their regular daily activities.

Our journey started with the flagship smart body fat scale and has since grown into an ecosystem of smart lifestyle innovations that provide technologically advanced solutions to all.

RENPHO Ecosystem

We empower people worldwide to improve all aspects of their life by granting a passport to their own health data.

Our mission is to create a growing ecosystem of smart lifestyle products that provide technologically advanced solutions which are essential, accessible and everyday.

Our Vision

Our vision has now expanded into enhancing people's health, fitness and wellness journeys with SMART HEALTHY LIVING Solutions.

To accomplish this, all RENPHO products are researched and developed closely with users and industry experts so that only the best products and app experiences make it into the homes of 11+ million RENPHO customers and counting.