Renpho KR Mini Massage Gun with a black ball for 건강 and 회복.
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RENPHO Mini Massage Gun

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A box with a set of Renpho KR Mini Massage Gun earphones for fitness recovery and wellness.
A 웰빙 Renpho Mini 건강 Massage Gun with a lithium battery.
Five levels optional to meet different needs of the RENPHO Mini Massage Gun, ideal for fitness and recovery.
한 사진에 Renpho KR RENPHO Mini Massage Gun의 작은 크기로 회복, 피트니스, 건강을 보여주
A Renpho KR Mini Massage Gun with a microphone on it next to a laptop promoting 피트니스 and 건강 회복.
Compact yet powerful, the mini is an ultra-portable and lightweight massage gun for on-the-go treatment to treat muscle soreness, relieve tension, and reduce pain. Take your massage anywhere you go with a sleek and lightweight device that packs an incredible punch.
  • Accelerates muscle recovery
  • Promotes muscle movement
  • Relaxes the body after your intense workout
  • Activates your muscles
  • Eases sore muscles

Portable Percussive Force
High torque percussion force impacts the skin’s surface at a rapid-fire rate of 53 times per second to provide deeper effective relief.

Compact & Portable
Weighing less than 1 lbs, this device lets you enjoy massage therapy anywhere and anytime you need it, whether at home, in the office, or at the gym.

Rapid-fire rate
With high torque-percussion force, the device targets muscles and soft tissues at a speed of 1800-3200 percussions per minute for deeper, effective relief.

Powerful and Quiet
This powerful recovery tool operates at noise levels below 45dB, so you can use it under different settings minus the noise.

Durable Massage Gun Attachments
The muscle massage device comes with 4 massage head attachments for your different muscle groups and soft tissues.

Long Battery Life
The Mini Massage Gun runs on a 2500mAh lithium battery that can deliver up to 4 hours of use.


  • 2500mAh battery capacity


  • Speed: 5 built-in speeds (1800-3200 percussions per minute)
  • Battery life: 4 hours total
  • Amplitude: 8mm
  • Head attachments: 4 (bullet head, flat head, ball head & u head)
  • Noise: <=45dB


  • Size: 5.5inx3.3inx1.9in
  • Weight:0.99 lbs


  • Brushless high-torque 12V motor

Mini Massage Gun
4 Massage Head
Storage Case
Charging Cable

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